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The Importance of Understanding Biomechanics in Exercise Selection for Recreational Runners

As a recreational runner, you know the importance of staying active and healthy. But sometimes, injuries and pain can get in the way of your fitness goals. That’s where understanding the biomechanics of movement comes into play.

When you understand how the body moves, you can scale exercises and select movements that are appropriate for your injury or health status. This means you don’t have to sacrifice your health for the sake of exercise.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to push through pain or injury. This can lead to further damage and longer recovery times. Instead, focus on exercises that are appropriate for your injury or pain level.

For example, if you have knee pain, you may need to modify your squat or lunge form to reduce stress on the knee joint. This doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising altogether, but rather, you need to select exercises that are appropriate for your body and injury status.

Similarly, when it comes to performance goals, exercise selection and dosage are key. Exercises for pain, injury rehab, and performance can look similar, but the magic is in the dosage, intensity, and frequency. A movement that is appropriate for a pain patient may not be enough to challenge an athlete in training.

The key is to work with a qualified coach or trainer who understands biomechanics and can help you select exercises that are appropriate for your goals and injury status. A coach can also help you with exercise dosage and intensity to ensure you are making progress while staying safe.

When it comes to exercise selection, don’t sell your health to the lowest bidder. Take the time to understand the biomechanics of movement and work with a qualified coach to select exercises that are appropriate for your goals and injury status. With the right approach, you can stay active, healthy, and injury-free.

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