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Here’s what the athletes are saying
"I highly recommend Alison."

As a PT myself, I sought her coaching when I decided to take on a big new goal myself. I appreciate that she is clearly evidenced based in her approaches, but simultaneously personable and supportive. She helped prioritize what I needed to focus on to meet my goal in preparing for a really long through hike with more elevation than I was used to. She provided a great individualized program, with feedback and adjustments each week. With her support, the through hike was 5x more enjoyable and survivable than if I had just trained on my own.

I highly recommend teaming up with Alison whether it be achieving a new running or hiking goal, or rehabbing new or chronic niggles. She will give you undivided attention, and will help you sift through the mountain of information out there targeting runners, guiding you to what is truly proven, and worth your time, money, and effort.

- rachel r.
"Dr. Modafferi is incredible!"

She doesn’t look for attention, but you notice her because of the quality of data and results she produces and the quality of the work she puts in. She isn’t one day going to have a great career, she IS going to be a leading expert on running. I’m lucky to know her while she is so early in her career.

- mike s.
"I’ve seen Alison twice now for injury evaluations and both have been super helpful."

She spent a decent amount of time assessing my injury and then gave me various strengthening exercises tailored to my needs, fitness level and goals.

As a runner, hiker and mountain climber, taking time off to rest is torture. Alison has patiently waded through my “can I do this? How about that?” questions you help me calculate the risks I’m willing to take. She carefully explained to me movements to avoid to prevent re-injury and helped me determine how far I could push things on my own.

I’ve seen other PT’s in the past for various things that have come up over the years but I was always frustrated with their “if it hurts don’t do it” attitude paired with some weak-sauce stretching routines. I felt like I was being treated like a geriatric instead of an athlete. Things are totally different with Alison—it’s like she’s partnering with me in my journey and helping me meet my goals. I highly recommend her!

- laura p.
"Super fun experience!"

Results were given on site and the follow up email with the biomechanical markers were a great resource to have.

- anonymous
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