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Advanced Half Marathon Plan


12 week training plan designed for advanced runners whose goal is a half marathon. The program contains easy runs, running workouts, and track workouts. Longest run is 15 miles. You should have a small base before starting this plan. Strength session recommended but no specific exercises included.


Weekly mileage varies between plans. 5K plans start around 15 miles a week for the beginner plan and increase to 38 a week for the advanced plan. 10K plans start around 19 miles a week and increase to 44 miles a week. Half marathon plans start around 20 miles a week for the beginner plan and increase to 48 miles a week for the advanced plan.

It is recommended to have a few weeks of base mileage before starting a training plan. These programs are designed to be the last 12 weeks of training before a race.

Specific lifting routines are not included but suggested lifting days are scheduled into the plan.
Yes! Running workouts are scheduled into the plan. Workouts are all based on your pace.

Generally, if you are a new runner, stick with a beginner plan. If you have a history of running but want to improve, intermediate is for you. If you are trying to win the race or are a front of the pack runner, advanced would suit your needs. If you have any questions on which is best for you, please send me an email.

Since lifting workouts are not included, you don’t need anything specific with regards to strength training. As for running, a good comfortable pair of shoes and ideally a track and some hills will be all you need.

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